What Will Video Games Be Like In 2030?

Just under ten years, video games have rapidly evolved, becoming better and more realistic each time. For the simple reason, the industry has embraced the latest technologies in achieving stunning visuals. The statistics are also for the industry, with an estimated 2.7 billion people, third of the world’s population predicted to be games by the end of 2021. The gaming industry is also estimated to generate $200 billion in two years.

Big tech companies are investing in this industry, changing the entire look of games to attract this vast population. With the incorporation of technologies in games, it could only be better. And it’s only fair to ask what will video games be like in 2030?
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Here is how the innovations will influence the gaming experience in 2030.

Artificial Intelligence And Video Games

AI is now a real phenomenon in our lives. The innovation has been seen in different industries, video games not being an exception.

AI And non-player characters

An excellent example of AI being expressed in gaming is the colorful ghosts in Pac-man and Grand Theft Auto’s bystanders.

The future could see non-player characters being developed as more real and believable characters.

They could be developed to speak more naturally and behave as real rather than bots.

AI and content generation

AI is also part of the game making experience used by designers to create games. Designers rely on procedural content generation to make game levels.

The future could see AI acting as the game master, an AI director who “looks into what you are doing and unfolds new experiences for you.

Until then, we will continue to see human designers working closely with computer algorithms to bring these experiences.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is still in its early processes in the video gaming industry. The bulky headsets are still heavy and cannot be worn for long. Their prices are still high, favoring only those with higher disposable incomes.

With time, we could see more improved headsets that are slim and provide more comfort to gamers.

Besides, the current headsets make gamers feel like they are cutting themselves from the social environment. Innovations could also overcome this hurdle in the future.

The development of hyperreality games also seems to be more true than fictitious. As a player, you will gather in a physical space and participate in virtual activities with other players. Rather than everything taking place in the headsets, hyperreality will make you feel virtual objects when you touch them.

Augmented Reality

We could see more games integrating both virtual reality and real-life experiences. AR’s secret is that it blends these two and makes gamers connect to their actual environments while gaming.

AR will also be boosted with 5G networks that will strengthen the internet connection and make the whole gaming experience more real and enjoyable without network interruptions.


The future of the gaming industry is promising. The innovations and technologies being introduced will see a whole new and better experience for gamers by 2030. Video games will be more fun and more real, thanks to technology.