Top 3 Cryptocurrencies In Gaming Industries To Buy In 2020

Blockchain is rapidly growing and is becoming more familiar in almost every industry. The gaming industry has already embraced the new norm, introducing gaming coins and cryptos.

Gamers use a lot of time playing and making purchases online. The idea of a “tokenized” economy is not new to them. Their curiosity will lead them to something similar; investing in cryptocurrencies, which are already part of the gaming world.

With the gaming industry market capped at $150 billion in 2019, it is estimated to exceed $180 billion by 2021. Cryptocurrencies are now targeting this vast market, and some are already [promising. Here are the top three gaming cryptocurrencies for 2020.

Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Enjin, the largest online gaming community, is the mastermind behind the Enjin coin.

It offers a flexible and free community to create and scale gaming assets in the form of “tokens.”

Some games have already adopted this technology: Bitcoin Hodler, Forest Knight, War of Crypto, 9 Lives Arena, and more.

Enjin Coin does not stop here; they partnered with Samsung to directly distribute their coin wallets to the S10 and S10+ phone brands. With Samsung expected to sell more than 20 million units, Enjin Coin is the largest and most popular gaming cryptocurrency.

Theta Token (Theta)

Theta Token focuses on one thing; to be the leading video platform on the Blockchain.

It aims to achieve this by providing a decentralized streaming mode based on its THETA token.

This model will benefit both users in cheap or expensive internet connection zones.

In video gaming, influencers are using streaming platforms for interaction. THETA token offers better solutions in the gaming industry.

Theta Token has partnered with Silver TV as the primary distributor of the THETA Tokens. It has already acquired more than 1 million users, showing significant signs of hope.

At the moment, it is closing as the top 50 most valued cryptocurrencies, and by the end of 2021, it is estimated to get in the top 30.

DreamTeam Token (DREAM)

The third cryptocurrency that is showing great optimism in 2020 is the DreamTeam Token. Although not so popular currently, since it is only ranked in the 897th position among the most valued cryptocurrencies, it could be an excellent investment.

DREAM is an infrastructure platform and offers a payment gateway for e-sport gaming.

For this reason, despite its rank currently, it is so relevant in the e-sport industry.

The mastermind behind this technology is the man with over 20 years of experience in the gaming industry, Alexander Kokhanovskyy.

DREAM can be used in multiple ways; payment in tokens as a subscription model, payment of fees for the implementation of smart contracts, and even reward purposes.


The gaming industry is expected to grow in the future and continue to incorporate cryptocurrency technology. These three cryptocurrencies have strategically positioned themselves in the industry, hoping to boom in the next coming years.